Fresh warm thin Turkish flat bread with sesame seed

There is a new Restaurant in Brisbane’s bayside. Finally the bayside suburb of Cleveland has come of age, Little Istanbul Place delivers authentic Turkish cuisine, delicious, healthy choices to tempt the taste buds.


Meatballs with pine nuts in a spicy tomato sauce, a Syrian, Lebanese and Turkish speciality, sereved with rice in the traditional way

Discover Turkish Food in Cleveland. Little Istanbul Place was established in 2015 as a collaboration between two renowned Brisbane chefs specialising in Turkish cuisine: Kenan Bal and Jatender Singh to bring to you the best in Turkish food.

Turkish Herbs and Spice Little Istanbul Place

At Little Istanbul Place we use ingredients in our Turkish specialties such as: lamb, beef, chicken, eggplants, green peppers, onions, garlic, lentils, beans, and tomatoes. These ingredients make for a taste sensation.

A group of chili pepper on a Turkish traditional cloth

You can also find nuts, especially pistachios, chestnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts, together with spices. All these have a special place in Turkish cuisine, and are used extensively in desserts or eaten separately.

Digital painting of a Turkish village street scene

Here at our restaurant we want you to experience a little slice of Turkey. Have a dinner with us and be taken away to the cityscapes of old Turkey with the smells and tastes of the true Turkey.

Traditional foods like mumbar buryan kebab baklava from Turkish cuisine

We welcome you to our restaurant here in Cleveland to have a night of fun, great dining and eat with us: here at Little Istanbul Place. Our authentic and highly regarded chefs are waiting to serve you your choice from our extensive menu.

Some of Our Delicious Turkish Dishes